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Why Compost

The EPA estimates over 80 billion pounds of food ends up in landfills annually in the United States, that is 30-40% of our entire food supply! Organic material that ends up in landfills decompose in anaerobic conditions (without oxygen) and produce carbon dioxide and methane – potent greenhouse gases. When we divert that same organic material to a compost facility where it is processed in an oxygen rich environment, toxic gases are not produced and the wasted food is turned into a healthy soil your plants will love! Nature is naturally regenerative. Our waste management systems have failed and it is past time that we close the loop on food waste.

How Carbon Compost's Residential Program Works

Receive a Compost Bin

We Give you a bin & lid to keep the smells in and the pests out.

Fill your Bin

Put all your organic waste into the bin. A complete list of what can be composted can be found on our FAQ page.

Take it to the Curb

Leave the bin outside the night before your scheduled day and we’ll collect it. In the Spring you are eligible to receive a bag of finished compost if desired.

Current Service Area

Don’t see your location highlighted on the map? We can let you know when we expand our service to your area.

Track your impact

We collect and share how many pounds of compostable material you divert from the landfill and the resulting reduction of harmful emissions.