To speak with a compost expert, please call or text 412-229-7258

How It Works

We offer Pittsburgh residents a bi-weekly (every other week) curbside compost collection service.

The process is simple:

  1. Choose between the annual or monthly payment option on the Compost Now page
  2. Our team will reach out to coordinate a time to drop off the bin & infographic & compostable liners
  3. Fill the bin with food scraps and other compostable materials (you can find a complete list of acceptable items on our FAQ page)
  4. Place the bin outside the night before your pick up day. We will empty the bin & wipe down or replace it with a fresh one as needed
  5. Receive regular updates on how many pounds of compostable material you have diverted from the landfill and track the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions you have offset
  6. Smile! You’re making the planet a little better 🙂