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Our Story

We are a triple bottom line business focused on improving our communities and environment through a sustainable financial model. We exist to solve the massive problem of organic waste management. We are committed to equitable hiring practices and fair wages — the lowest starting salary for employees at Carbon Compost is $15 / hour. The money you spend on our services supports our mission to reduce toxic gas emissions & improve the quality of our soils. Our services are priced at half the rate of most other compost haulers in an effort to make composting widespread and accessible in Pittsburgh.


Louis got tired of throwing food scraps in the trash & decided to take action. He started Carbon Compost as a social impact organization to improve the environment while enriching the lives of the Pittsburgh community & his fellow teammates. He is passionate about the role that business can play in making a more sustainable & equitable world. 

Head of Marketing

Sydney is not only a Carbon Compost customer but the social media manager as well! She is a recent Environmental Science graduate from the University of Pittsburgh.  She is passionate about teaching others about the environment, food waste, and other topics on her eco-instagram. She is excited to be a part of the Carbon Compost team!