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Yearly Subscription

$214.00 / year and a $15.00 sign-up fee

Join us in creating a healthier planet, one bin at a time

To begin you will receive compost bin(s), compostable liners, and every-other-week curbside collection services.

We provide a 4 gallon upcycled bin which is usually enough for a household of 1-2 people. Households of 3-4 people often need an extra bin & if 6+ people are composting 3 bins may be needed.

Each month you will receive a personalized impact report that highlights the amount of food scraps collected from your household and the corresponding amount of emissions eliminated.

Once a year in the spring, interested customers may receive a complementary bag of finished compost (~20 pounds). It’s wonderful to grow plants from a rich soil that you helped to create.

Begin diverting food scraps from landfills today!

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